Deportation Defense

I help persons in immigration court in Buffalo, NY and Batavia, NY. If you are looking for an attorney to represent you or a friend or family member, call me to discuss the case. I'll need to know the reason why the government is seeking deportation, and, if it's because of criminal convictions, I'll need to know what crimes were committed.

If your friend or family member was just taken into custody by ICE (at a local jail or at the immigration jail in Batavia), the first thing you want to find out is whether a bail amount has been set, or whether bail is even a possibility. It is possible to ask an immigration judge in Batavia to set a bail amount, or lower the amount that was set by ICE. If you can pay the bail, the case will be transferred from Batavia to Buffalo.

Whether you have any defense to deportation depends on what the charges are. If you have committed a serious crime that makes you deportable, you might not have any defense. Some people can have their removal from the United States cancelled by the judge, and others may have an asylum claim. If you are eligible for a green card, you may be able to ask the judge to grant you the green card rather than deport you.